halloweenThe creep is on at The Record Exchange, which can only mean one thing: It’s Halloween time.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at the RX, and for good reason: It’s a fun, funny, light-up, creepy-cute, costume-y affair, and it’s full of candy consumption and free of family baggage.

Our love of Halloween is most apparent in The Record Exchange Gift Shop, which we not only decorate for the season but stock full of all sorts of fun, funny, light-up, creepy-cute, costume-y treasures to help you be truly you-nique this year.

Our Halloween display features decorations, candy, party supplies and a host of costumes and accessories, including the popular animal head masks (several new offerings this year), funky tights and silly socks.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Come have a look at all that’s in store for Halloween at the RX!

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