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Behold the power of ions!

Since the start of the pandemic, The Record Exchange has taken multiple steps to make sure you stay safe when you step inside our store. And now we’ve taken a leap into the air – literally.

Our ventilation system is now pumping out cleaner, healthier air thanks to the installation of needlepoint bipolar ionization technology!

What is needlepoint bipolar ionization? No, it’s not a new Wilco album. Needlepoint bipolar ionization is a purification process that removes airborne particulates, odors and pathogens using safe ultraviolet rays. Basically, it attacks and kills all the bad stuff in the air – dust, spores, bacteria, and yes, viruses – by stealing its life-sustaining hydrogen. In the process, the system also greatly reduces outdoor air intake, keeping our newly pure record store air nice and pure!

That’s the short and simple version. If you want the longer version with bigger words, read up here.

The Record Exchange continues to require masks, sanitized hands and social distancing inside the store. With our healthier air, that makes a formidable Fantastic Four of defense inside our hi-fi fortress of solitude.