Sleigh-Bells-Bitter-Rivals-Cover-Art-Hi-Res-1024x1024The Record Exchange will host a Sleigh Bells listening party at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8. Hear their new album Bitter Rivals, pick it up on CD or vinyl and enter to win a rare vinyl test pressing of the album — one of only 15 in the country!

Initial praise for Bitter Rivals:

”Though ‘Bitter Rivals’ begins with a little acoustic strumming, it quickly morphs into the best kind of Sleigh Bells song: Raw, jittery, loud, and replete with the awesome chorus…” – EW’s Music Mix

“Enter ‘You Don’t Get Me Twice,’ a dangerously sweet song that infuses Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller’s trademark sonic assault with bolder melodies and honey-soaked vocals.” – SPIN

“With the group’s signature blend of thrashing guitars and pop vocals, as well as equal parts choreographed dance and headbanging, it’s not so much a change as a welcome return.” –

“With ‘Bitter Rivals,’ Sleigh Bells continue their quest for ear-bleeding sonic glory, blending nuclear power chords with muscular synths and R&B croons to remain lovably singular.” –

“Sleigh Bells’ third album will almost certainly deliver plenty of bombastic riffs that you’ll be hearing in movie trailers for the rest of your life, but going on the first single “Bitter Rivals,” it’s also a bit more aggressively pop with less over-the-top noise, and more clean, foregrounded vocals from Alexis Krauss. (#11 on “26 Albums To Get Excited About This Fall”)” – Buzzfeed

“Get ready to head bang, because Sleigh Bells is back – and more generous than ever.” – V Magazine

“…’Bitter Rivals’ — its title, song, and video — rallies from the fiery football arenas of hell, crunching and hyping with the sort of pep that Sleigh Bells have trademarked in, oh, under three years.” – Consequence of Sound

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