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Go Listen Boise (

Go Listen Boise was formed under the basic premises of generating support and fostering communication between Boise-area musicians, listeners, event planners, and venue owners. Through talking with one another and brainstorming, we identified some of the barriers and issues we were having as an arts community. In the years to follow, Go Listen Boise began experimenting with hosting special events, presenting shows, and coordinating live music on behalf of other organizations. Soon after these experiments started came the creation of a website that contains, among other things, a local music calendar and a comprehensive database of active local bands and venue booking information. After 4 years of establishing partnerships throughout town, the simultaneous and symbiotic creation of Radio Boise, and the many live music events planned and supported by others, it is possible to discern a positive change in our local musical fabric.

The time and honesty with which the committee members have helped mold those initial ideas into action is incredible, and Go Listen Boise will continue to help create a more prosperous, self-sustaining, infectiously positive local music scene in the Boise area for many years to come. This group has a fiery energy that has been embraced and appreciated by countless people and organizations, working collaboratively with other engaged individuals and businesses to create access to higher quality shows; a more sustainable lifestyle for musicians; better engagement with event planners, venue owners, and promoters; and increased attendance and enthusiasm at shows from the general public. In the spirit of amplifying our local music scene, “Go Ahead, Get an Earful!”


Go Listen Boise organizes the lineup of local openers for the annual Downtown Boise Alive After Five Summer Concert Series, pairing some of Boise’s best musicians with the headliners each week. GLB also maintains an information booth at AA5 so you can learn more about the organization and when and where you can see local music.



Payette Brewing Company ( is a production brewery that serves beer on draft throughout Boise and other parts of the Treasure Valley. Visit the brewery on Fridays and Saturdays for a tour of the facility and samples of the beer in the tasting room. Check out the “Beer Finder” to see where the beers are on draft around the Treasure Valley.

You also can enjoy Payette Brewing Company beer (and for free!) at Record Exchange events such as Record Store Day, the annual holiday Bonus Club Sale and our singer-songwriter Birthday Bash celebrations!




Payette Brewing Company was established in 2010 in Boise, Idaho, by brewer Mike Francis. The brewery runs a 15-barrel brewing system and offers two year-round beers, Payette Pale Ale and Outlaw IPA. The beers are currently available in draft only throughout the Treasure Valley.

The name “Payette” can be found on landmarks and geographical features throughout Idaho. While the name originated from the French fur trader once stationed at Fort Boise named Francois Payette, in Idaho, it has become synonymous with world class whitewater, a mountain lake, a town and a National Forest. When you hear Payette, it probably takes your mind to some place great in Idaho — that is the place the brewery is named after. Next time you are at that place, be sure and have a Payette Brewing Company beer.

Our brewery currently runs a 15-barrel brewing system and offers four year-round beers: Payette Pale Ale, Outlaw IPA, Mutton Buster Brown Ale and North Fork Lager. In 2012, we made Idaho brewing history when we introduced Payette Pale Ale and Mutton Buster in cans. Be on the lookout for even more choices of canned beer in the future. In the meantime, you can find our beer in bars, restaurants, and retail locations including grocery and specialty stores throughout Idaho.


Mike Francis — Founder

Mike founded Payette Brewing Company after finding the corporate life wasn’t his place. After earning a degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington, he went on to start a career at the Boeing Company in Seattle. 2.5 years into that, he detoured to Chicago to attend the Siebel Institute of Technology and get his Associates in Brewing Technology. That took him back to Seattle, where he got on at Schooner Exact Brewing Company to get practical experience in brewing. After gathering brewing experience, Mike moved back home to Boise with the goal of bringing more great beer to the Treasure Valley.

Jacob Black — Mike’s Minion

Jacob found his way on board with Payette Brewing about 2 years ago when an old friend from high school (Mike) wanted to learn more about Boise’s beer and bar scene. Jacob, being skilled in the ways of Boise’s beer geeks and bars, gladly sat down and discussed the likes and dislikes of the market. With a degree in hospitality and restaurant management and having worked in the Boise restaurant and bar industry for many years, Mike decided to add Jacob on as his first minion.

Sophie — Brew Dog

Sophie is Mike’s Golden-doodle that spends her days sleeping at the brewery and barking at squirrels out front. Don’t let the name and breed fool you — the mohawk-sporting Sophie is 100% outlaw.


When it comes to making uncompromising, awesome beer, we go against the grain. We are passionate, rebellious, beer pioneers. We stick to our guns and venture down the road less traveled to make the best beer in the west. This isn’t just our livelihood, it’s our life and we’ve tapped into something good.