Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at The Record Exchange, and for good reason: It’s a fun, funny, light-up, creepy-cute, costume-y affair, and it’s full of candy consumption and free of family baggage.

We want you to help us celebrate. So, if you visit The Record Exchange in costume between Friday, Oct. 28 and Monday, Oct. 31, we’ll give you 20% off* your entire purchase! (*Excludes sale and clearance items.)

QUICK NOTE ON COSTUMES: To get the discount, you have to show up in an actual costume — none of this wearing a Rush T-shirt and saying, “Dude, I’m dressed up like a Rush fan.”

Our love of Halloween is most apparent in The Record Exchange Gift Shop, which we not only decorate for the season but stock full of all sorts of fun, funny, light-up, creepy-cute, costume-y treasures to help you be truly you-nique this year.

Our Halloween display features ornaments, decorations, candy jars, trick-or-treat bags, candles (they’re fingers!), zomby jerky, Pumpkin Patch Orange-flavored Pop Rocks and the return of last season’s popular inflatable headwear (including the Beehive, Rasta Hat/Dreads and Robot Head) and the return of the Chicken Head!

One of our favorite new arrivals is a Halloween T-shirt from the fine folks at True Vintage Designs, purveyors of the finest T-shirts featuring images taken from authentic vintage designs. Created from an amazing circa-1960 trick-or-treat candy bag, this American Apparel shirt features a witch, bat, haunted house and two brilliantly designed kids (one is a pumpkin, the other a pirate).

Other new Halloween apparel arrivals include a rockin’-out zomby shirt (pictured), plus shirts from popular horror flicks such as Friday the 13th and Night of the Living Dead.

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