208MusicVideo_FinalLogo_RGBHead to The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St.) on First Thursday, Oct. 3, for the 208 Music Video Show Screening with a special performance by Avtale! The festivities kick off at 6 p.m. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

The fourth annual 208 Music Video Show drew submissions from dozens of Idaho musicians and directors. The winners were crowned at a First Thursday event at Neurolux in September. Part of the prize for the Judges’ Choice winner, Avtale, was a showcase 30-minute set at the RX during the Oct. 4 screening. Christopher Raymond Brown and Alex Oyler, directors of Avtale’s winning video for “Groundless”, will discuss the video and answer questions during a post-performance chat.

It’s also First Thursday, so we’ll have our regular store-wide First Thursday specials, too. Hope you can join us for this fantastic display of homegrown creativity!


Avtale is an electronic music experiment formed in 2013 by Chris Raymond and Kelly Lynae. Their varied live performances explore light, sound and improvisation. Learn more at avtalemusic.com and interact with the band on Facebook and YouTube.


In 2009, Kathy O, Lawrence B and Nancy S met in a booth at Neurolux, one of Idaho’s premier concert venues, to brainstorm an idea Kathy O had about an event to showcase music videos by Idaho bands.

Looking to foster a collaborative and supportive environment whereby bands and directors could learn together about creating music videos. And a night where the bands, fans, directors and crews could watch their work projected on a movie screen and concert venue sound system.

Initially voting was done battle-of-the-bands style, where the bands/directors turn out their supporters, audience members vote as often as they want, $1 per vote, and the winning bands are those that earn the most dollar votes. Proceeds from the minimal entry fee, door and voting dollars are split between the winning bands.

Now we ask creative professionals to sit as a panel of judges prior to the event to review the merits of each music video based on the following subjective criteria: Direction; Camera; Actors/Art/Set; Story; and Editing.

Over the years, it has become clear that most people learn about new music by videos shared with them. Music videos can help increase the exposure Idaho bands and musicians have to a wider audience through YouTube/Vimeo views, sharing on blogs and music sites as well as aiding in tour booking.

Up and coming film directors get their legs under them by working on music videos and commercials. Music videos help showcase the skills of the director in scripting, managing the process, gathering crew and equipment and final cut. Music videos become a way directors can land either larger projects or the opportunity to work with the bands they desire.

Ultimately, 208 Music Video Show celebrates and promotes Idaho’s creative forces … music and video. Two creative flavors together in one medium, like peanut butter and chocolate.

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