We’re halfway through the year and sharing our favorite albums of 2022 thus far! Here’s Jade’s list of current favs and some words about each album.

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Florence + the Machine Dance Fever

Closer to her more newer albums like High As Hope than it is to her earlier stuff like Lungs. If you like the haunting atmosphere and mildly depressing lyrics, you’ll like this one. 3.85/5

SeventeenFace the Sun

Whether or not you are new or just getting back into K-pop, Face the Sun is a very good sample platter that has a song that will make everyone enjoy the album. Essentially, the charcuterie board of new pop albums. 4.25/5

Lady WrayPiece of Me

If you’re looking for a nostalgic soul but make it modern, you have come to the right place. Perfect lounging tunes if you are looking for a bit of love in your nightly tasks. 4.65/5

Ado狂言 (Kyōgen)

Fulfill your craving for 2013 EDM pop here with Ado’s first album. Her songs “Odo,” “Freedom” and “Yoru no Pierrot” are the songs I’d recommend; if you like those ones you’ll love the album. 3.90/5

Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverEndless Rooms

Perfect outdoor task music. With the lack of a main singer, the album leans hard into casual instrumental surf rock. Though, I like the more alt-rock side of this album. 3.65/5

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