We’re halfway through the year and sharing our favorite albums of 2019 thus far! Here’s Glenn’s list of current favs with some words about why he’s digging these particular records.

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LitovskDispossessed. Anarcho post-punk. Edgy darkwave.

Out ColdLiving is Killing Me. Twenty-five years in the making. East Coast H/C.

Linea AsperaPreservation Bias. Early tracks from defunct duo. Dance the darkwave.

Jake Najor and the Moment of TruthIn the Cut. JB’s-style snappy funk. West Coast shimmy. Midwest flavor.

Negative Gears Negative Gears (12”). Basement post-punk. Gritty modern UK ’77 feel.

PossessedRevelations of Oblivion. Pioneers of the sound.

Endless ColumnEndless Column. Catchy melodic punk. Chicago. Fans of Red Dons, Observers and Raygun take note.

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