TOP 5 OF 2017 (SO FAR): JOHN O.

Note from Marketing: John O. deviated from the format. Deal with it.

Vince StaplesBig Fish Theory
Chicano BatmanFreedom Is Free
Sleaford ModsEnglish Tapas
Sun Blood StoriesIt Runs Around the Room with Us
Rodney CrowellClose Ties
Rolling Blackouts C.F.The French Press
Kendrick LamarDamn
Son VoltNotes Of Blue
Curtis StigersOne More For The Road
Mark LaneganGargoyle
Jason Isbell and the 400 UnitThe Nashville Sound

People have got to chill. There is so much great music being made these days. I couldn’t limit it to 5. I couldn’t put it in any order. Because some days any one of these could be on top of the list. So, I just revel in it all. I don’t care about styles, genres, haircuts. I like: soul, straightforward people, speaking their truth. Time and place. But timeless. I like what I like. And I like to share, but I’m not telling you what to listen to. This is just me. And I’m grateful I get to do this for a living. Long live artists willing to make a statement. I’m looking forward to hearing something that will blow me away, sure to come the rest of this year.

Here is a Spotify playlist for you to check out. Just to throw .00003 cents into these artists’ coffers.

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