TOP 5 OF 2016 (SO FAR): JOEY

FB_IMG_1469058223157We’re midway through the year in music and liking what we’ve heard so far. We’re excited for what’s to come, but here at the midpoint, we’re taking pause to talk about our favorite releases of the first half of 2016.

Here’s Joey’s picks:

1. The Very MostSyntherely Yours
2. Wye OakTween
3. Storie GrubbThe Length Of Tomorrow
4. Band of HorsesWhy Are You Ok
5. Cerberus Rex – Cerberus Rex

1. The Very Most: A “greatest hits” album with a twist (a couple of twists, actually). Boise musician Jeremy Jensen recorded synth-pop versions of songs by his band The Very Most and invited guest vocalists to sing each song. A novel idea, and a real treat for TVM enthusiasts like myself.

2. Wye Oak: No matter how far out there they get with their unique style, Wye Oak’s solid songwriting remains grounded and accessible. Tween packs an awful lot of awesomeness into its relatively short runtime. Kinda like how the band itself makes the most out of a two-piece lineup.

3. Storie Grubb: For the past few years, multimedia Boise artist Storie Grubb has been quietly DIY, releasing amazing albums on his Bandcamp site. This year’s The Length Of Tomorrow is musically on the mellow side and showcases his beautifully bitter lyrics. It was the only album I listened to for a couple of months after its release.

4. Band of Horses: Not sure if BOH intentionally scaled back the Americana vibe of their last album in order to win back some of their older fans, but if they did I am grateful. They didn’t entirely drop the twang, just folded it into their folky, indie rock sound from their early albums. Now everybody’s happy.

5. Cerberus Rex: The band is from Boise. The guitars are loud. The drums are loud. The bass is loud. The tempo is fast. The asses are kicked.

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