clarke-album-coverThe Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St. in Downtown Boise) is honored to host the Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends Album Release Party at 6 p.m. Vinyl Tuesday, Oct. 4. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages!

Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends will be available for purchase at the in-store!


And Friends officially formed in 2014 as a spiteful excuse to get more festival passes, but it’s important to note this current Clarke and the Himselfs is a diversion in itself that originally started in 2011 with Demmi and Clarke playing the first few shows together of what was to be another band entirely, but ended up being Clarke and the Himselfs 2.0, once it was only myself playing the shows. AND FRIENDS is probably what that other band intended to be but had never been defined as. I get asked quite frequently after Himselfs shows, ‘So did you not have anyone to play music with?’ and I always think in my head, ‘Man, what a stupid question,’ then politely say no and end it with some kind of mention of And Friends, because it’s these folks in this band and others I’ve been playing music with my whole life – these closest friends and I all share a similar experience playing music and growing up in Boise, Idaho. What’s stupid about that question is that it wouldn’t be possible for Clarke and the Himselfs to exist without the experience of playing music with others because music is a shared experience, a spiritual one that would not be possible without your friends. This band doesn’t feel created so much as it feels it always was — it’s got a close interwoven cosmic demeanor with very specific guidelines, which helps because since we’ve all been playing together for so long, the numbers come naturally. It’s also a family affair because it has to be. This is, I hope in part, of this LP, to be some kind of reflection of that.” – Clarke Howell


Produced by Brett Netson and Clarke Howell

Demmi Netson on Drums, Vocals, Piano
Otis Crook on Drums, Vocals, Guitar
William Bendler on Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Clarke Howell on Drums, Vox, Guitar, Bass
Brett Netson on Guitar and Bass
Brittany McConnell on Violin on “Asteroid” and “Untitled”Recorded at the Tonic Room in Boise, Idaho

B&W album photos by Jeremy Conant
Border layout by William Bendler
Design by Suzanne
Album mix: Brett Netson, Clarke Howell, Eric Penney
Vinyl mastering by Telegraph Audio
Pressed at Cascade Records

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