10846211_10152410050476856_3718694391774587736_nDuck Club Presents rock icon and cult favorite Paul Collins’ Beat in Boise with San Antonio rock ‘n’ rollers The Rich Hands Thursday, Jan. 15 at Neurolux. Marshall Poole will open. Doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm.  $10 in advance, $10 at the door; advance tickets available at The Record Exchange or online HERE. A free happy hour record swap with live DJ will be held before the show at 5 p.m.


Feel The Noise graciously returns to Paul Collins’ roots and gives credence to his best work. Back in the day, Paul was in good company. He cut his teeth with Jack Lee and Peter Case in The Nerves and then after a brief stint with Peter Case in The Breakaways, Paul set up The Beat (Columbia Records, Bill Graham Management), which history has smiled fondly on as one of power pop’s genre defining albums. Forty some odd years later we find Paul still relishing in the kind of music he started his career with – simple, straight-ahead melodic rock and roll about girls, work and traveling.

From Paul:

Back out on the road! That is what it is all about here in the Paul Collins Beat camp. Taking it to the people everywhere we can. We have come to stand for something, we do low dough shows with up and coming bands all over the country. It is what we are all about, playing rock ‘n’ roll music at ground zero with the kids and for the kids. Just plain folks having fun, and now we are getting a reputation for it, people are helping us all over the country, fans, bands and clubs alike extend their hand to us and help us on our way. We could not and do not want to do this alone it is much more fun to be with all the new and old friends that we have made along the way. Staying with folks all over the country keeps the whole thing real, we are down to earth and we love what we are doing and we don’t have to make a big deal about it, we just want to put on our show, play our music with all the other bands we work with so that everyone has a good time, and you know what? It’s working! It’s such a joy to be on the road with my crew; each band member has friends who come out to see them and hang, we are all constantly making new acquaintances with fans and with other band when we say “Hey let’s do some shows together!” There is a really good possibility that we will. We met The Rich Hands last tour in Austin and we are doing 6 shows with them on this tour! Now we are starting to see bands that we have toured with pairing up with other bands we have toured with to go and do their own tours; that just makes me so proud.

Keep on Rocking!
Paul Collins


Rock icon and cult favorite Paul Collins got his start with Peter Case and Jack Lee in 1974. Their band The Nerves toured with The Ramones and recorded a song called “Hanging On The Telephone.” The song would later become a hit when covered by Deborah Harry and Blondie on the Parallel Lines album.

Paul Collins formed The Beat in 1977, recruiting members of various rock bands including Steven Huff, Larry Whitman, Dennis Conway and Michael Ruiz. The result was The Beat, a high energy rock group in the style of The Ramones, Blondie and The Dictators. As the story goes, Collins was awarded a record deal with CBS thanks to his friend Eddie Money and Bill Graham Management. The Beat played with many bands, including The Jam, Pere Ubu, The Police, Eddie Money, The Plimsouls and Huey Lewis. The Beat became Paul Collins’ Beat when a ska band from UK began using The Beat as their moniker.

Paul Collins’ Beat continued to tour and record albums throughout the ’80s, with The Kids Are The Same, Beat Or Not To Beat, Long Time Gone, Live At Universal and their final album One Night, released in 1989. Paul Collins set out on a solo career, recording the self-titled Paul Collins album in 1992. This country/rock all-star album included special guests such as Greg Kihn, Cyril Jordan (Flamin Groovies), Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow), Chuck Prophet, Dave Immergluck (Counting Crows) and key members of Chris Isaak’s band. 1993 brought the sophomore release by The Paul Collins Band, entitled From Town To Town. This album was released by Caroline Records and featured a country rock sound similar to The Byrds.

A new version of the band Paul Collins’ Beat surfaced more recently and resulted in an album of new material entitled Flying High. Considered to be their best to date, Flying High is a solid record, done half acoustic and half electric. The album gets back to the classic sound of The Beat, while combining the raw energy of Collins’ solo works. Flying High is available from the official Paul Collins’ Beat website and Lucinda Records International. Paul Collins’ Beat play clubs, music halls and arenas, touring Japan, USA, Spain, UK, Italy and France among others. Expect Paul Collins’ Beat to play in your city very soon!


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