ihffThe Record Exchange is a proud sponsor of the second annual Idaho Horror Film Festival, taking place Oct. 15-18 throughout Downtown Boise!

We will be hosting a special IHFF event at the store on Oct. 15 featuring our own Rachel Prin DJing two hours of horror film soundtracks on vinyl, plus free Payette Brewing Co. beer (21 and older with valid I.D.)!

The state’s premier genre film festival, the Idaho Horror Film Festival is a non-profit international film exhibition whose mission is to shine a spotlight on Idaho’s emerging filmmakers. The genre of horror is the common thread that has stitched itself into the fabric of the filmmaking community. Through the mediums of independent film, food, music, literature and art, IHFF strives to expand the cultural experience within Boise’s vibrant community. The festival aims to develop a supportive framework for Idaho’s emerging filmmakers with the mission of providing more access to resources and education for individuals wanting to explore the medium of film. By strengthening the film making community in Idaho, we will fan the flames of creativity and set Idaho’s film industry ablaze.

The festival is currently accepting films in five categories: Feature Length, Animated, Shorts, Foreign and the “locals only” classification of Spud and Guts. Spud and Guts is a no-fee contest designed to promote our native filmmakers. The Idaho Horror Film Festival is the launch pad for Idaho filmmakers.

IHFF online:


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