_Q2A8868retBridgeJoin us on First Thursday, Oct. 1, for a special music/dance performance by LED at 6 p.m. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages.

LED is a bold new arts organization with collaboration at its core. Within their performances they create visceral worlds where music, dance and visuals collide. For their first Thursday performance at The Record Exchange, they’ll be performing excerpts from their evening-length work, This Side of Paradise, to be premiered at the Morrison Center Oct. 10. A collaborative work between Andrew Stensaas and Ryan Peck of Edmond Dantes and choreographer/dancer Lauren Edson (formerly of the Trey McIntyre Project), This Side of Paradise draws inspiration from the tumultuous relationship of Zelda and F.Scott Fitzgerald for a performance that “blends a sophisticated score, riveting movement and stunning visuals” (Seattle Times).


Through a fusion of artistic mediums, LED reawakens the performing art experience with live original music, movement, sound and visual design. Our collaborators transform traditional and non-traditional spaces into a visceral world to transcend the artist/audience relationship.

LED stands for innovation, malleability and leadership. Based on the principles of the Light Emitting Diode for its innovation in the 21st century, the chemical element of Lead (PB) for its strength and malleability, and Leadership. All of these principles dictate the foundational format of this company’s artistic purpose, which is to innovate and change the way collaborative arts are perceived and how they influence. We are leaders in the progression of not only community-based collaborations, but national ones as well.

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