hillstompToday’s Record Exchange Secret Treefort In-store is …


Hillstomp (playing a 21+ Treefort show at Reef at 10 p.m. tonight) will perform at 4 p.m. TODAY at The Record Exchange, 1105 W. Idaho St. in Downtown Boise. As always, this Record Exchange in-store event is free and all ages — and you don’t need a Treefort pass to attend (but you should get one anyway and we have them for sale at the store).


Drawing heavily from North Mississippi trance blues, a bit from the hills of Appalachia and stealing energy from punkabilly, Portland, Oregon, duo Hillstomp create a raucous hill-country blues-stomp with a fiery youth and vigor. It comes clanging and tumbling out of an assortment of vintage mics, buckets, cans and BBQ lids drenched in rambunctious slide guitar.

In the spring of 2001, Hillstomp was born in a basement (of course) in Portland, Oregon. It was the bastard child of Henry Kammerer and John Johnson’s mutual need to make music and drink beer. Within a few weeks the Guitar/”Drum” duo played their first open mic to a rousing and slightly scary response. Unfortunately, John’s drumset (cardboard box, plastic bucket and Weber grill lid) didn’t survive the ordeal, so the pair went back under the basement stairs to build some new drums and practice.

In June 2002, Hillstomp emerged from the dust and dark with a visceral music that makes you want to stomp your feet, shake your butt and love your neighbor. Whether playing original songs, traditionals, or the occasional revamped blues classic, Hillstomp has duct-taped together a distinctive sound that quickly bubbled upward in Portland’s roots, blues and alternative-music circles. Their do-it-yourself brand of minimal gothic junkbox blues differs drastically from the 12-bar blues style listened to by your uncle. A whole different approach.

Hillstomp tours non-stop in the United States: They’ve developed fanbases in cities up and down the West Coast and have performed as far east as Detroit. Along the way, they’ve shared bills with Split Lip Rayfield, Avett Brothers, Scott Biram, Michelle Malone, Robert Belfour, Southern Culture on the Skids, Devil Makes Three, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, Two Gallants and O’Death, to name a few. They’ve also showcased their live act on local radio shows & festivals across the country including OPB’s LiveWire and KDNK’s Blues Fest in Carbondale, Colorado.


Friday, March 22, 4 p.m. — Hillstomp
Saturday, March 23, 3 p.m. — ?
Sunday, March 24, 4:30 p.m. — ?

The RX and Treefort are announcing the artists the morning of each event via social media and The Record Exchange email list, which you can sign up for HERE.

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