tony riosLeading up to our final day of bidding on April 25, The Record Exchange is showcasing the artists who donated their talents to the seventh annual MUNNY Silent Auction Fundraiser. Featured in this post is Tony Rios.



I was born at the White Memorial Hospital in 1959, Los Angeles, California. I grew up in South San Gabriel, which was weird because nobody knew where “North San Gabriel” was. I grew up watching my mother oil paint and knew that that is what I wanted to do … well, that and play with my Hot Wheels. So that is what I do. I paint and collect toys. While the majority of my life was spent in California, I also lived in various states and countries such as Arizona, Utah, England and now Idaho. I met my wife of 30 years in England and together we have raised 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy.

I started out freelance illustrating for 12 years in L.A. Then I got a wild hair and went to work for a company called Wild West Designs doing monumental work and architectural bronze work from 94-96. I then started my own company called Tierra Bronze doing architectural bronze work, custom made ceramic tile back splashes, hotel lobby floors and single field tile. In that time, I had the opportunity to work with award winning designers and architects, such as Naomi Leff, Robert A.M. Stern and Paula Berg, from 93-03. My work can be seen across the United States from Mexico to Wyoming and as far East as New York. I also taught at the Utah Valley State College in ’99, teaching drawing, figure drawing, watercolor and understanding materials. I have had the opportunity to come full circle back to my first passion, drawing and painting.

I don’t attempt to explain my work, it can have more than one meaning. Art is so subjective, and views differ from one person to the next, so I leave it to the viewer to go away with whatever the images mean to them. I very rarely have an agenda or wish to pull the viewer to any opinion or belief of mine. I just hope that there is a reaction of some kind, either you hate the work, are inspired by it, or just laugh, so enjoy. — Tony Rios

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