Music for Nations and the END records present Opeth‘s Lamentations: Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. This live Opeth performance is captured on film from London’s historic Shepherd’s Bush Empire, an old camera friendly BBC theater that has no seats—the audience must stand attentively while experiencing the atmospheric musical assault of Opeth.

Like the originality of the group’s music, Lamentations: Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire is presented in a unique format. This show basically consists of two sets: the first one hour displays Opeth’s fondness for atmospheric, gothically-influenced material. The second thirty minute set shows Opeth paying tribute to their roots; these songs are more heavier and doomier than their recent albums. On both sets the music is not only thoughtfully composed, but also artfully performed by Akerfelt, Lindgren, Lopez, and Mendez.

Of special note is the vocal performance of Mikael Akerfelt, who changes pitch and tone as required by each song. He can sing high and clean, yet can still rip into the Cookie Monster vocals when he has to. Akerfelt is also a charismatic-yet-reserved frontman, as he provides commentary before each song, and inspires the audience to either listen to the melodies in awe, or thrash hard during the heavy parts. Opeth delve into their back catalog, performing their best material, including:

Window Pane
In My Time of Need
Death Whispered A Lullabye
Hope Leaves
To Rid the Disease
Ending Credits
Master’s Apprentice
The Drapery Falls
The Leper Affirmation
A Fair Judgment

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