So, the picture above … probably sums up how you’re feeling about the fact you’re heading back to school here in a couple of weeks, huh?

Sorry for the reminder. We’re not trying to be jerks. We’re just trying to prepare you for the inevitable.

Speaking of preparation, and back to school, stop by The Record Exchange Gift Shop before the first bell rings or you buy your first course textbook. We have all kinds of practical and practically must-have items for you, whether it’s a simple school supply run or dorm decorating excursion. To wit:

• School supplies (including the Total Crap file folders pictured above)
• Lunch boxes
• Posters
• Dorm decor
• Kitchenware
• Calendars
• Books
• Jewelry and Body Jewelry
• Apparel
• Hats
• Action figures and novelties
• Headphones and music accessories

And of course we have thousands of options for new music on CD and vinyl, and movies, TV shows and concerts on DVD and Blu-ray — great stuff for studying or simply escaping reality for an hour or two!

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