Driving Towards The Daylight is a balanced, back-to-basics album that highlights Joe Bonamassa’s signature style of roots blues with rock-and-roll guts, while honoring the traditions of the original blues musicians. Here they’ve taken some really traditional old blues songs – i.e. Howlin Wolf’s “Who’s Been Talkin?” and Robert Johnson’s “Stones In My Passway” and re-imagined them in a rock context. The result is a very exciting return to the blues in a very visceral way – It’s vibrant, it’s gutsy, and it’s really, really rugged. To challenge Joe and move him out of his comfort zone, a unique group of musicians was gathered including Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford (guitar), Blondie Chaplan (guitar) and Anton Fig (drums and percussion). The album features five Bonamassa-penned originals, including the bruising opener “Dislocated Boy,” the road warrior title track (and first single) “Driving Towards The Daylight,” as well as some choice covers like Tom Waits’ “New Coat Of Paint” and “Lonely Town Lonely Street” by Bill Withers. Let’s be honest: It takes a lot for a white blues guy to make his mark, but Bonamassa’s guts and talent shall prove him to be an axe-man for the ages.

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