This week’s Alive After Five headliner: Trevor Green
Go Listen Boise local opener: HarpersMan


Trevor Green, a California native, grew up on the beaches of Southern California, where he spent as much time riding waves as he did strumming his guitar. For the past five years, Green has toured heavily in the western United States, establishing a loyal and enthusiastic fan base. Fusing world, funk, folk and jam rock into a high-energy performance, Green’s music has a strong universal appeal. The versatile musician who makes use of vocals, guitar (6- and 12-string, lap slide, banjo, mandolin and ukulele), didgeridoo, stompbox and harmonica has been called “a musical breath of fresh air…” by Richard Wellenreiter, Cole Clark Guitars North America. Michael Billings of the Los Angeles Daily Journal remarked, “the skill-set of this finger-style guitarist’s free form artistic ability combined with enthusiasm and apparent love of cultured music is showcased in a raw, live, unedited fashion.” Green’s most recent notable accomplishment was recording three songs for the upcoming major motion picture This Must Be the Place starring Sean Penn and also featuring David Byrne of the Talking Heads. “Being a part of this film with David and Sean was truly an honor. I have the deepest respect for both individuals for not only their amazing artistic accomplishments, but also for the humanitarian work they do as well.” One of the tracks, an eerie and mystical rendition of David Byrne’s “This Must Be the Place” that Green covered for the film, is also featured on the film’s OST.

With the release of Green’s third studio album Sacred Seed, he shows his prolific abilities as a songwriter, releasing his third independent album in the past four years. Sacred Seed proves once again that this multi-instrumentalist is one talented storyteller and songwriter. You can hear it in the lyrics and the sincerity delivered through his vocals. (Sacred Seed is full of magical music that reflects a natural beauty and splendor” – Mark Johnson, Music Street Journal. “With Sacred Seed Green shows how honed his chops are on guitars, didgeridoo, banjo, ukulele, percussion and stompbox, and if such an array suggests that Green’s musical mind is filled with thoughts well beyond his Southern California upbringing, the sonic journey he takes you on confirms it. Acoustic guitar and didgeridoo are the most recurring elements, and around these are built rhythms and melodies accessible enough for radio airplay yet brimming with accentuated subtleties drawn from indie rock, bluegrass, Manding griot music, Sufi trance states, flamenco, reggae and perhaps American and Australian indigenous peoples joining a front porch jam somewhere in Appalachia.”  – Tom Orr, World Music Central)

Green’s live performance is an uplifting and high energy display of talent, threading together dynamic instrumentation and a diverse rhythmic sound while displaying the depths of his gifted songwriting. Having sold over 5,000 copies independently and performing over 500 shows in the past 7 years, it is clear that Trevor Green is a musical sensation whose talent, discipline and passion are boundless. “With so many instruments…so much sound…it’s hard to believe it’s all coming from one man. Trevor Green masterfully weaves his love of the natural world with his passion for music and his high energy performance leaves the crowd chanting for more every time!” – Nicole Johnson, Director, Sawtooth Music Festival

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