This week’s Alive After Five headliner: Marcus Eaton
Go Listen Boise local opener: The Juke Daddys


Marcus Eaton is a nationally touring independent musician from Idaho with an extensive catalog of original material. He is truly unique and groundbreaking in his approach to songwriting and his guitar playing. Incorporating rock, funk, reggae, flamenco, classical, jazz and folk into his songs, his mastery is recognized by fans and fellow musicians wherever he plays.

Eaton’s career has been a study in dichotomy. His music is unique and original, yet wide in its appeal. His band is but a trio, but is as sonically powerful as any twice its size. His influences and famous fans include icons dating to the 1960s (such as Rock And Roll Hall of Fame member David Crosby), and those who are among today’s most acclaimed artists (such as Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band).

Eaton recently released his fifth CD of original material, As If You Had Wings, an effort that has proven Eaton’s appetite for expansion. Powered by swirling bassist Ben Burleigh and powerhouse percussionist Kevin Rogers, the release is robust, a real rocker at times, yet shows the thoughtful songwriting that has been an Eaton trademark since he signed his first recording contract with a subsidiary of MCA Records in 2002.

As one reviewer noted, the latest CD is Eaton’s “most accessible yet aggressive rock music yet. He’s developed into a dazzling guitarist.” Announces another, “The intricacy of Eaton’s songs is gratifying and unfortunately lacking in most mainstream rock. Eaton’s style is an excellent mixture of maturity and excitement.”

The band has been likened to such vaunted trios as Cream, Rush and the Police, with Eaton’s clear and inviting voice and ever-dazzling guitar work pacing the band.

One of the more discriminate authorities in rock history agrees with the haughty praise heaped on Eaton.

“Truthfully think he’s one of the best young singer-songwriter guys in America, maybe in the world,” Crosby says. “He’s an enormously talented person. And it comes from a very, very good place. People who really listen to music, I think, will find him just a joy. He’s a really brilliant writer. Brilliant musically. Brilliant lyrically. And he just plays (guitar) like God on a good day.”

And this lavish praise is imparted after a mere two-year collaboration between Eaton and Crosby, who were introduced by a mutual friend two years ago and forged a bond through their passion for music.

Eaton has been a featured act for such wide-ranging artists as Bob Dylan, Train, Victor Wooten, Dave Matthews Band, Reynolds, Derek Trucks Band, Martin Sexton, John Mayer, Jewel, Counting Crows, Jason Mraz and Sheryl Crow.

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