This week’s Alive After Five headliner: Polyrhythmics
Go Listen Boise local opener: Douglas Cameron


Polyrhythmics is an all-original 8-piece afro-funk and world-beat orchestra comprised of some of Seattle’s finest rhythmic and melodic musicians. The music is a fusion of styles from all over the world, featuring unique, forward-thinking arrangements, stellar improvisation, heavy grooves, and dynamic interplay.

Polyrhythmics are:

Ben Bloom – Guitar
Grant Schroff- Drums
Jason Gray – Bass
Nathan Spicer – Keyboards
Lalo Bello- Percussion
Scott Morning – Trumpet
Elijah Clark -Trombone
Art Brown – Tenor Sax and Flute

Polyrhythmics have quickly gained notoriety playing to packed clubs and festival crowds all over the Northwest. Their self-titled and now sold-out EP, released in 2010, has been charting on radio playlists up and down the west coast.

After a year of further developing their distinct sound, the band recorded their first full-length album. The resulting Labrador is a 9-song powerhouse full of brooding dance grooves and catchy layered horn melodies. Labrador was recorded at Sleng Teng Studios, specifically for its vintage sound, and the recording process was very similar to their approach on the EP: “live” in one room, just like the greats of yesteryear. Labrador debuted internationally on June 1, 2011 to critical acclaim and established a place at the ever-crowded funk table for this fast-moving powerhouse of a band.

Drawing from modern influences such as the Budos Band and The Whitefield Brothers as well as their original influences, Fela Kuti and James Brown, Labrador is a shining example of the chemistry between these 8 talented performers and why, in a seemingly endless sea of new funk bands, Polyrhythmics is the band everyone is talking about.

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