Yeah, it feels like Christmas just ended, but Valentine’s Day is closer than you think. That said, let us quote the sage one, Young MC: “The early bird catches the worm, the late bird gets a girly with a two-dollar perm.”

And if you’re really early, as in, before the end of the month, you can still get your loved ones some Give the Gift of Music CDs for $9.99 or less, 2011 calendars for 50% off and body jewelry for 30% off.

Now let’s take a look at some of the sassy, sweet and silly stuff in the freshly-stocked Record Exchange Gift Shop.

If you’re thinking sassy, there’s Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion, Naughty Crosswords, I Love My Penis Gum, Let’s F**k Chocolates, furry handcuffs, Pin the Mr. on the Man and many more mature gifts.

If you’re thinking sweet, there’s love-inspired T-shirts and tote bags, heart-shaped lip gloss, books and classic retro valentines (like the kind you used to give to your classmates at school).

If you’re thinking silly, there’s Grow a Boyfriend/Grow a Girlfriend, the Love Rat, the Love Gun and a good old-fashioned voodoo doll.

If you’re thinking arty, there’s magnetic poetry and the Kozik kidrobot reimagining of Hello Kitty.

Record Exchange Gift Cards are great gifts any time of the year. They can be bought from and shipped to anywhere in the world through our online store.

And that’s just scratching the surface. If you’ve been to Boise’s Biggest and Best Gift Shop, you know it’s a treasure chest of gift delights. If you haven’t been here yet, stop by and let us show you some love.

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