Poke will hold an Album Release Party at The Record Exchange (1105 W. Idaho St., Downtown Boise) at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29. As always, this Record Exchange in-store performance is free and all ages.

Poke (countrypoke.com) is celebrating the release of its first album, Worth the Weight. The album, which will be available for purchase at the in-store, features a river of songs deep and wide … country, hillbilly, rockabilly, polka, surf, rock and more. Every song is unique, upbeat, entertaining and suitable for all ages. PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM HERE (YOU CAN PICK IT UP AT THE IN-STORE.)


B-Rad (Brad Deteau) – vocals, guitar
Diesel (Dustin Sandmeyer) – doghouse bass
Smokin’ J (Jason Kappel) – drums

Rotating Guitars: “Shakey” Dave Manion, Johnny Shoes (John Pisano), “Lucky” Larry (Kiser)

“Drawing inspirations from heavy hitters like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (1 and 3) and Wayne Hancock, Poke is undeniably country. As my buddy Levi assured me though, they’re definitely not run of the mill. Sure they have the heart and sentimental souls but they also have some attitude and a lot of spunk. They’re the type of band who can make country appealing to just about anybody.” — Francis Delapena, boisebeat.com

Educated in the famous bars of Austin, Texas, Brad Deteau was steeped in country, western swing, blues and the Hickoids. Bearing witness to legendary riverside festivals, late night brawls and Sunday walks of shame back from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, B-Rad picked up a guitar and began to formulate some ides of his own. After a stint in dreamy Santa Barbara, he ended up in the ultimate trucker’s town, Boise, Idaho, a town where the big rigs used to make way through the busiest part of town, gearing down in front of the Capitol steps. After a few years, he happened across a young punk by the name of Diesel, whom he bought a doghouse bass as long as he paid him back one day. Poke was born.

Based on the deep voice of the doghouse and the clickity-clack rhythm of slapping the neck, the songs in their heads began to come alive. Before long, the need for a stronger back-beat brought Smokin’ J. Raised on a steady diet of great drummers, J has gobbled up all of the right things about being a drummer and spit out all the bad. Capable of doing about anything a song could need, he fit right in and closed the circle. With this addition, Poke started hitting the bars and calling the tunes.

Poke has shared the stage with some underground legends and other up-and-comers: Asylum Street Spankers, The Chop Tops, Big John Bates, Hellbound Glory, Jeremiah James, Pinto Bennett, Jesse Dayton, Stan Ridgway, The Wilders, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and more.

Poke is packin’ the bars with Pokers and Pokettes, and calling them the Poke Nation … not an army yet, but at least a battalion singin’ along, clappin’ and shoutin’ on cue.  Dancing bears, stage-stop hold-ups, cuttin’ heads and fillin’ dance floors with tales of windswept truck-stop beauties, hillbilly lovers and weekend runs on the border. Is it punk, is it rockabilly or is it country? Real Country. Oh, it’s country alright. Hell yeah, it’s country.

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