The Complete Story celebrates the longevity and quality of the Beastie Boys‘ extraordinary music and incredible career and includes an hour long DVD documentary about the Beasties, the music they’ve made and the lives they’ve led [including rare behind the scenes footage and exclusive interview] and a CD biography and interview set which fills in numerous gaps in the Beasties’ story and on which the boys themselves come clean about all manner of topics close to their collective hearts.

Arriving fully formed in the mid-1980s as obnoxious white boy rappers who fought for their ‘right to party’ and started a trend that kept every Volkswagen driver wondering if their vehicle’s badge of indent would make it through the night, The Beastie Boys were seen as little more than a quick-buck novelty act upon their entry into the music industry. But some quarter century later, the group remains amongst the most innovative and groundbreaking acts in the world as they continue to release music that is as far removed from those early tracks as it’s possible to get, in which they incorporate funk, soul, jazz, hip-hop, house, rock and numerous other styles.


Kenny Chesney Boys of Fall
Various Artists Blues and the Alligator: The First Twenty Years of Alligator Records
Wyatt Cenac Comedy Person
The Jesus Lizard Club
The Kinks Kinks Kollekted: The Complete History 1964-1994
Peter Paul and Mary 25th Anniversary Concert
Robert Plant Robert Plant’s Blue Note
Various Artists Sonic Rock Solstice 2010
Various Artists Live from Tokyo
Toddler Favorites: The Movie

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