Buzz band Foster the People ( just rolled through town to play the Reef, of all places, as they make the regional rounds before heading to Coachella next month to get the SoCal hipster turds all hot and bothered with their peppy indie-pop.

If you like stuff, particularly MGMT, Peter Bjorn and John, and Phoenix, you should check out Foster the People’s self-titled, three-track EP, which The Record Exchange is currently selling for the amazingly low price of 99 cents.

Let’s look at that nice price in comparison to some other popular purveyors of music goods:

iTunes: $3.87
Amazon: $3.49
The Record Exchange: 99 cents

Here’s what Guardian said recently about Foster the People:

Their song “Pumped Up Kicks” … is already being talked about as one of the sure-fire surprise hits of the summer. It’s one of those lo-fi indie tracks that, like Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Kids,” has “alternative anthem” written all over it. Its crossover potential is confirmed by the simple, shuffling beat, the buoyant Brian Wilson bassline, and the outrageously catchy melody. The tune is sung through some muffling device that merely serves to make you strain even harder to hear the words, and after a verse or two the melody is bolstered by some whistling. And if that wasn’t enough to ingratiate itself into the heads and hearts of festivalgoers this summer. It’s MGMT’s “Kids” meets “Young Kids,” with a hint of Empire of the Sun’s “We Are the People.” Quite clearly, Foster the People are into people power, and they’re doing it for the kids.

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