Unlike Robbers and Cowards and Loyalty to Loyalty, Cold War Kids have taken a completely different angle on their music writing, taking a similar road to that of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs by adding a slice of pop to their sound.

Now that doesn’t mean that Mine is Yours is drenched in over elaborate production and irritating choruses. No, instead Cold War Kids have created a record which is a lot easier going on the ears than previous excursions, with ‘Louder Than Ever’ and ‘Finally Begin’ being at the forefront of this new direction in sound. Of course there are still their trademark stark, piano-driven tracks, like ‘Sensitive Kid’ and ‘Cold Toes On The Cold Floor’, which are reminiscent of the much better tracks on their debut, like ‘Rubidoux’ and ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’, proving that their unique style of sound hasn’t been lost and have executed each track on this record down to a big capital Tee.

Cold War Kids, welcome back.Drowned in Sound

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