Buddy Holly would have been 75 years old on September 7, and while he’s long gone (but certainly not forgotten), The Record Exchange is marking the day with a Buddy Holly Birthday Celebration and Scavenger Hunt!

In addition to playing the excellent new tribute album Rave On Buddy Holly on the RX hi-fi, we’re holding a scavenger hunt for a Buddy Holly prize pack that includes a limited-edition 180-gram 45RPM double-vinyl version of Rave On Buddy Holly, the CD version of the album and a button pack.

Wednesday morning, we will post a photo of the prize pack “hidden” somewhere in the store. If you’re familiar with past RX scavenger hunts, you’ll know how painfully easy it is to “find” the prize — seriously, a really smart domesticated animal could probably fill in for you and have a legitimate shot at taking home the prize.

We’ll also be giving away button packs to anyone who purchases Rave On Buddy Holly either on CD or vinyl. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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