Phantogram‘s Eyelid Movies has been getting a lot of spins around the store, and Mary McNeel is just one of the many RX staffers digging this new record, which masterfully blends electronic loops, hip-hop beats, shoegaze, soul and pop. Here’s what Mary had to say about her Staff Pick of the Week:

If you like electronic music in a gentle hip-hop way, you will enjoy this new release by Phantogram. This duo from a small town in New York brings such beauty to the new world of electronic music. Experience the different styles and harmonies that Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel introduce into their music.

In “Turn it Off” and “Futuristic,” the electronic soundscapes and Barthel’s voice surround you with a beauty that causes you to fall right into their music. Another great song is “Running from the Cops,” which allows you to feel yourself running with them in the comfortable instrumental sounds. Then notice how the music changes to rougher sounds in several of the songs.

The seller song on this CD to me is “All Dried Up.”  Listen to her voice moving with the music as it soaks you up. Here they introduce you to the strong electronic sounds, suggesting the sound of various samplers, tapes, records, synths, drums, percussive and stringed instruments.

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