As promised, we’re regularly updating our list of remaining Record Store Day 2010 exclusives, and this update features exclusives of which we have 1 or 2 copies left in the store. Translation: Get here soon if you want ’em.

If you happen to live out of town, out of state, on the moon, whatever, y0u don’t have to physically visit the store to purchase these titles. In short, we do mail orders. Unfortunately, the exclusives are not available through our online store, so you have to call us (208.344.8010), or better yet, email us and we will facilitate the order for you.

Keep in mind that this list is not updated after each sale, so no whining if we no longer have what you’re looking for even if it’s listed here.

And now, the list, with quantities remaining in parentheses:

Against Me! I Was a Teenage Anarchist 7-inch (1 COPY)
Apples In StereoTravellers in Space and Time vinyl 2LP (1 COPY)
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions 12-inch (2 COPIES)
The Black KeysTighten Up/Howlin’ For You 12-inch (2 COPIES)
Black Label SocietySkullage 2LP 180-gram green vinyl (1 COPY)
Bonobo featuring Adriana Triana “Eyes Down” 12-inch (1 COPY)
Coheed and Cambria “Guns Of Summer”/”Pearl of the Stars (Big Beige Demo Version)” 7-inch picture disc  (1 COPY)
DA Exclamation Point vinyl LP (2 COPIES)
Dan ZanesHello Dolly, I Am What I Am/76 Trombones 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Dave Holland Octet Pathways LTD CD box (1 COPY)
David BazanLive at Electrical Audio CD (2 COPIES)
DevoDuty Now For The Future CD (2 COPIES)
DevoDuty Now For The Future vinyl LP (1 COPY)
Gogol Bordello “We Comin’ Rougher”/”Trans-Continental Hustle” 7-inch green vinyl (2 COPIES)
Goldfrapp – Head First vinyl LP (2 COPIES)
Happy BirthdayShampoo/Alien 7-inch (1 COPY)
Hundred in the Hands “Undressed in Dresden” 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Jakob Dylan/Courtyard Hounds“See You in the Spring” (CYH’s duet with Jakob Dylan)/Jakob Dylan’s “Everybody’s Hurting” 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Jeff Beck Emotion & Commotion vinyl LP (1 COPY)
Joan Baez – Self-titled debut album vinyl LP (1 COPY)
JuiceheadRotting From The Inside/Death of Democracy 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Let’s Wrestle/Love LanguageI’m So Lazy/Brittany’s Back 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Magnetic Fields69 Love Songs 10-inch vinyl box set (1 COPY)
Mary OnettesThe Night Before The Funeral 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Menomena/Helio Sequence – “Pilgrim’s Progress”/”Converter” 7-inch (1 COPY)
Modest Mouse The Moon and Antarctica 2LP 180-gram vinyl (1 COPY)
Mountain Goats Life of the World To Come DVD (2 COPIES)
Omar Rodriquez Lopez Solar Gambling 12-inch (2 COPIES)
One EskimoLive EP CD (1 COPY)
PanteraCowboys From Hell vinyl LP (1 COPY)
PanteraVulgar Display of Power vinyl LP (1 COPY)
Pantera Far Beyond Driven vinyl LP (1 COPY)
Paolo Nutini Live @ Preservation Hall EP CD (1 COPY)
RamonesRamones Mania vinyl LP (1 COPY)
RX Bandits Live @ Park Avenue CD (2 COPIES)
Sex Pistols Great Rock N Roll Swindle 180-gram 2LP (2 COPIES)
Sonic YouthHits Are for Squares 180-gram 2LP compilation (2 COPIES)
Thermals/The Cribs – Split 7-inch (2 COPIES)
Tutu & the Pirates Sub-Urban Insult Rock For the Anti-Lectual vinyl LP (2 COPIES)
TV on the RadioDear Science vinyl LP reissue (1 COPY)
Various Artists We Fun: Atlanta GA Inside Out DVD (1 COPY)

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