SquidbilliesAdult Swim’s show of hillbilly critters, brings a third volume of backwoods insanity and violence with a side of random Jesus Squid!

Early is the family patriarch. Rusty is his adoring, bepimpled, mulletted son. Granny has a libido that is outright disgusting and the sheriff… well, I don’t think anybody really has an idea exactly what the sheriff is.

In “Anabolic-holic”, what starts off as an innocent day of torturing granny turns into a steroid-addled wrestling brawl with a disgraced champion. Rusty gets in trouble with his father when Early finds the boy reading, and Dean Koontz stops by with a lesson for Early about literacy in “The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube“. “Fine Ol’ Solution” follows the family patriarch when he feels his constitutional rights to not work are being threatened by the population of illegal immigrants. He tries to tackle the situation by hiring illegal immigrants to build a wall to keep themselves out.

In “Lerm”, Early meets an alien who shares his appetite for destruction and the two boys get up to some political hijinks together. Granny tells of her days in the old South in “Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind”, and in “Atone Deaf”, Early tries to deal with his rage problems. “The Big Gay Throwdown” shows the county trying to deal with the homosexual problem, which leads to a revelation for the Sheriff. When Dan Halen has a black hole built in town, the gang gets awful cozy with the almighty in “God’s Bro”, and “Not Without My Cash Cow” follows Early as he tries to make quick cash on the disappearance of his kid.

The show is, first and foremost, inane. Or is that insane? Whatever it is, making sense of the Culyer family’s many misadventures is an activity guaranteed to make your brain hurt, though I think Early wouldn’t have it any other way. Special features include “Music” (the soundtrack with conception art, features songs from the show as well as socre), “That’s not a hat it’s a ragtop for a sex convertible” (which shows Early walking through scenes with hit hat changing through all the various inflammatory and humorous hats he wears throughout the show), “Funny Pete Stuff”  (weird squid related commercials), some of Adult Swim’s famous bumps and footage of the gang at Dragoncon 2009 (during which the man who plays Early speaks and sings, and Early’s character design becomes hilariously clear). Insane yet funny; for Adult Swim fans, Squidbillies is top-notch viewing.” — Amanda Rush, Pop Syndicate



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