Phil Collins. Yeah yeah, make fun if you will, but were you in Genesis? Are you a kick-ass drummer? Could you write a schlocky pop song? Probably not.

Mr. Sussudio’s new album Going Back, purportedly his last, is on sale at The Record Exchange for the kick-ass price of $9.99. You can buy the album online HERE, and read more about the album here:

A deeply personal labor of love that finds eight-time Grammy winner Phil Collins faithfully recreating the Motown and soul music that played such an influential role in his creative life.

Going Back marks the 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s first new studio album in eight years. Phil recorded the album along with three of Motown’s legendary session players, aka The Funk Brothers bassist Bob Babbitt and guitarists Eddie Willis and Ray Monette.

“It shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that I’ve finally made an album of my favourite Motown songs,” explains Collins. “These songs along with a couple of Dusty Springfield tracks, a Phil Spector/Ronettes tune, and one by the Impressions make up the tapestry, the backdrop, of my teenage years. I remember it as if it was yesterday, going to the Marquee Club in London’s Soho and watching The Who, The Action, and many others, playing these songs. In turn I’d go out the next day to buy the original versions.

“My idea, though, was not to bring anything ‘new’ to these already great records, but to try to recreate the sounds and feelings that I had when I first heard them. My intention was to make an ‘old’ record, not a ‘new’ record. To be able to have three of the surviving Funk Brothers play on all the tracks was unbelievable. There was one moment when they were tracking ‘Heat Wave’ that I experienced a wave of happiness and wonder that this was actually happening to me! I learned more about production skills and the wonderful songwriting of those concerned whilst making this album, than I have from anything else. To those pioneers … much love and gratitude.”

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