Congratulations to Uglydoll, winner of the 2010 Best Toy award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the independent guide to children’s media!

Here in The Record Exchange Gift Shop, we’ve been big fans of Uglydoll for a while, and we’ll give this one a quick “what they said” and let the Oppenheim folks tell you why:

“It will be hard to choose just one of the terrific new Uglydolls this season. Consider Ninja Batty Shogu, a black fleece fellow with big blue eyes, red nose and three yellow teeth. Or consider Wippy, a pink rabbit-like creature with tall ears and gray eyes and two yellow teeth. There is also coral-colored Mynus, who has a singular bump on her head and a goofy smile. Her tag says she’s the one you should turn to when you are in trouble.

Also a good choice, Pointy Max, a green fellow with a very pointy head and one all-seeing eye smack dab in the middle of his face. Oh, there are others, such as Pink Flatwoodsey with a tall pointy head; Ket, a bluish looking dog-like doll; MIJ, who seems to be asking a question; and Picksey who claims to be able to inhabit several spaces at the same time.

Honestly, you’ll have to make up your own mind. Dolls in series often run out of steam, but this year’s Uglydolls are really even better than in the past.”

The Uglydoll family comes in three different sizes and a multitude of colors, plus Uglydoll beanies! Pay a visit to the RX Gift Shop and check ’em out today!

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