The Record Exchange is honored to offer a special local CD release featuring the late Charley Mixon at our annual Bonus Club Sale on Monday, Dec. 6. Proceeds from the Mista Cha’ley CD, limited to 250 copies, will benefit the The Allumbaugh House.

Here’s more information on the CD from Charley’s sister, Charlotte Lanier:

On August 17, 2009, Charles (Charley) Lynnwood Mixon passed away after a brief battle with cancer. He had been a performing musician for over forty years as a vocalist and harmonica player with numerous bands. Charley always dreamed of recording an album of songs that represented his musical tastes. The day before he died, some friends arranged for him to record at a local studio. Even though he was in hospice care, Charley was allowed to leave and enter the recording studio. Accompanied by a guitar, his own harp and some backing vocals, Charley recorded seven of his favorite songs. The next day he told us he had done what he needed to do and then slipped away with his blues harp in his hand.

As a memorial to Charley, the friends who were in the studio that day recruited various local musicians to flesh out the songs and finish Charley’s album. They completed the seven songs and added two live recordings Charley had recorded previously with one of his bands, Cheap Date. The album is called Mista Cha’ley, and to further honor him, we decided that any proceeds from the sale of the album would be donated to The Allumbaugh House, a regional facility that offers detoxification, sobering services, and mental health crisis services to Treasure Valley residents.

Here is a link to their brochure:

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