This week’s Alive After Five headliner: Billy Franklin’s NOLA Live
Go Listen Boise local opener: Nino Lobos


Billy Franklin (leader of New Orleans’ based band E.O.E) has begun to play more and more under his own name over the last few of years. “It is just a way to branch out,” says Franklin, “to take every opportunity that comes my way and explore different styles and play with more people.” Billy Franklin’s NOLA Live is collection of his favorite musicians from New Orleans, and audience members can expect a heavy dose of New Orleans influenced funk, reggae, and world music in addition to some of the material Franklin has become know for with E.O.E. Franklin brings with him a wealth of talent from the Big Easy, including Doug Dietrich on bass (Karl Denson, Big Sam’s Funky Nation), Michael Jenner on saxophone (Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes) and Gabriel Velasco on drums and percussion (E.O.E).

Billy Franklin has a long history in New Orleans, including having been schooled at the nationally acclaimed New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts during high school (other graduates include Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr. and Terrence Blanchard) and then receiving his degree in Jazz Performance from the University of New Orleans under the direction of Ellis Marsalis. In 2010, he was named “Best Emerging Artist” at the Best of New Orleans Awards. He has also won six Best of New Orleans of Awards with his band E.O.E, which he started in 2004. If the name sounds familiar, it is probably because Franklin has toured over 150,000 miles since Hurricane Katrina, both with E.O.E and the Boulder, Colo., based group Holden Young Trio, for which he was a founding member. His prolific guitar work and subtle yet poignant vocals are a must see for anyone interested in seeing New Orleans musicianship and songwriting at its best.

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