If you made it to The Record Exchange right at 9 a.m. on Record Store Day, congratulations — not only for getting out of bed on a Saturday morning, but for scoring some of the RSD exclusive vinyl releases before all the other record geeks woke up and realized they slept through Christmas.

It was a crazy scene after we opened the store at 9. Around two dozen or so customers gobbled up our stock of several exclusives within minutes. Those two Hold Steady albums didn’t have a chance yo.

That said, we do have some Record Store Day vinyl exclusives left — but not many. And of those that remain, many number as little as one or two copies. If you’re curious what we have left, visit the Record Exchange Record Store Day page HERE.

We’re updating the online list daily, but your best bet is visiting the Wall of Vinyl in person and seeing what we have left. Because no sooner than we update the list, a couple of vinyl junkies will be in here jockeying for our last copy of R.E.M.’s Chronic Town on numbered blue vinyl. And we don’t want you singing the blues.


Rufus Wainwright All Days Are Nights
Liars Sisterworld
Meth, Ghost and Rae Wu Massacre
Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back
Pixies Purple Tape
Merle Haggard I Am What I Am
Ozomatli Fire Away
Moby Grape Live
Dick Dale Various Reissues
Dire Straits Making Movies
Rotting Christ Aealo

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