The Record Exchange is happy to welcome back Erin Cunningham, and with this week’s Staff Pick of the Week, she tells us about her recent infatuation with Cate Le Bon‘s Me Oh My.

This week and last week and the week before, I have been pretty much freebasing Cate Le Bon‘s Me Oh My for 24/7. That is, until my boyfriend stole it from me.

It will be good when I get it back, because I won’t have to worry about hearing the layers of her voice in my head even though the album isn’t present. The songs are that haunting. Her voice is like a beautiful glimmering cave filled with sorrow, echoing back and forth against itself. She layers her voice over simple and sometimes playful synthesizer accompaniment.

It’s a little psychedelic at times and her lyrics often seem like abstract compositions in sounds, or even like teenage girl pining — but all together, it draws you in and drowns you in mystical lessons that you’ll probably never understand.

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