Do you like Oasis? How about free stuff? And the satisfaction of being a winner?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, get yourself down to The Record Exchange and enter to win an Oasis Prize Pack.

The winnings include a copy of the new Oasis 4CD limited-edition box set Time Flies … 1994-2009, cheeky T-shirt and coaster set.

Just think, with all that you could hold a party during which you play the box set, wear the T-shirt and have a few pints with three good friends. You could invite more people, of course, but only four of you would get to use Oasis coasters. The rest of your guests could use paper towels on which you write “Blur Are Shite.”

Entry forms are available at the front counter on the music side of the store. No email entry for this, so if you’re lazy and/or an odd loner, you lose out. Unless you can get your arse mobile and visit The Record Exchange.

The deadline to enter is Saturday, July 31. And remember, if you don’t win, don’t look back in anger.

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