BlakRoc. By now you should be well aware of this Black Keys/hip-hop collabo, as it’s a store favorite and has been a regular feature on eTales pretty much every week since its release.

Now we’re here to tell you that our exclusive version, the only version on the planet with the Ludacris/ODB track “Coochie,” is on the verge of selling out. As of Aug. 10, we have 8 copies on CD and 1 on vinyl.

Translation: Get it while you still can. Those numbers are all that remains of our allotment of the coveted first pressing, which is exclusive to indie music stores, limited in number and no longer available for reorder. That means that once our stock is gone, it’s gone for good. No one else, not even iTunes, has this version, and “Coochie” won’t be included on subsequent pressings of the album.

Snooze or lose, sucka.

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