418456615618-500Ghostface Killah’s Adrian Younge Presents: Twelve Reasons to Die II is now available at The Record Exchange on CD and LP!

Says Pitchfork of Twelve Reasons to Die II: “If Twelve Reasons to Die is a comic, then its sequel is the cinematic adaptation or a reboot of the franchise; the source material is the same, but the execution is tightened in places. It has a bigger-budget feel—stronger guests, better pacing, and a more careful consideration for its audience. RZA narrates the passages too tricky to rap. Adrian Younge warps thick ’70s soul sounds into a concrete jungle. But mostly, TRTD II is simply able to succeed where its predecessor failed with the benefit of hindsight. With a proper framing device, more capable bit players (Scarub and Chino XL), and closer attention to detail, Ghostface and Younge do a better job sketching out an alternate universe.”

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