Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.06.41 PMHaley is a sophomore at Boise State University working towards a degree in communication. Her love and drive to work in music has helped her achieve a marketing and promotion internship with the Record Exchange.

Haley will be learning more about the world of the record store business, as well as helping the in-store events, blog posts, visual displays, media updates and working the RX Alive After Five booth every Wednesday. She hopes to learn an overwhelming amount of information so she can continue down this path and maybe score employment somewhere in the world of music.

When Haley isn’t writing about new bands she’s discovered on her music blog or dragging her friends on outdoor adventures or local shows you can probably find her making sandwiches freaky fast at your local Jimmy Johns. She is stoked to learn, meet new people and spend her summer surrounded by music!

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