record store day lineIf you plan on attending Record Store Day and getting to the store before we open on Saturday, April 19, please read the following information on how we are managing the line this year.

In past years, once we hit 9 a.m. we lifted the ropes and let everyone flood in. Last year, this created a bit of a logjam in the store, so we’re doing something different this year: We will be letting in 25 people at a time to shop for exclusives until we’re all the way through the line.

How this will work: At 9 a.m., the first 25 people in line will be allowed in. They will have 15 minutes to shop before we start letting more people in. If some of the first 25 are done in less than 15, we’ll let a few more people in. If all 25 people are still shopping 15 minutes later, we’ll let another 25 in and continue to monitor the line in this fashion until we’re all the way through it. This doesn’t mean you only have 15 minutes to shop – you can stay in the store as long as you want; but 15 minutes after you’ve been let in, another 25 people will be added to the fold.

The goal here is to minimize congestion/confusion/frustration and make the shopping experience more enjoyable for everyone. The first 25 people obviously will have the advantage of getting into the store first, but that will be their reward for getting up early and getting in line. It doesn’t mean they’re going to get all the exclusives, though — as in past years, all customers are allowed only one copy per title. That part will never change. And, as we do every year, Record Exchange staffers will be on hand to help you find the exclusives on your wish list and answer any questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us before Record Store Day if you have any questions or concerns. See you next weekend!

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