CIMS_Flying-Lotus_468x60There’s a new Flying Lotus album coming out Tuesday, Oct. 7. It’s called You’re Dead!, and The Record Exchange will have it on CD and vinyl (deluxe vinyl box set available Oct. 14)!418456081194-500

You’re Dead! is a shamanic pilgrimage into the psychedelic unknown of the infinite afterlife. A sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and technical virtuosity that amounts to a transcendent, mind-expanding plasm that could only exist between our world and another. The enduring universe of Lotus supporting cast has expanded and evolved to feature, in order of appearance, Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Captain Murphy, Snoop Dogg, Angel Deradoorian, Thundercat, Niki Randa, alongside mindblowing original artwork by Japanese comic book artist Shintaro Kago.

The album isn’t about the end, it’s really the beginning. It’s a celebration of the next experience. It’s the transition and the confusion. It’s not hey, you’re dead. It’s hey, you’re dead! You’re Dead!

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