Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 4.30.30 PMThis week’s Alive After Five headliner: Greyhounds
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From the heart of Austin, Texas, Greyhounds are a blues duo described best as “ZZ Top meets Hall and Oates”.  For fifteen years keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Andrew Trube have been together perfecting their soulful sound. Greyhound’s sound also has its ties to Memphis, Tennessee, which they claim is the home of the soul that inspires them. Trube and Farrell both share the songwriting talent and have also written for musicians such as Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks.

Ardent Music, the independent record label based out of legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, expects to build on the fan base the band has developed both on the road and as a staple of the Austin music scene. Label director Reed Turchi says, “We committed to three albums not only because we believe in these guys, not only because they’re great musicians and songwriters, but because they’ve been incredibly prolific.” “We’re always writing,” Trube says. “We’ve got songs for eight albums.”

Ardent has had a long and productive relationship with Texas music: Studio C was designed for ZZ Top, which called Ardent Studios home for many years, and Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan recorded Family Style in the famous brick building on Madison Avenue.

The first ‘hounds out of the gate is Accumulator. The album combines cream-of-the-crop tunes the band’s devoted followers pass along to the uninitiated with new, previously-unreleased tracks.

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